Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool #6 - Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion

There are a lot of great tools out there, so many in fact it can become a bit overwhelming. I think it can also be difficult to use some of them with elementary students. I am unsure if all of the students or their parents will have access to a computer at home, so I want what I do use to be done in class or optional. Two of the tools that interest me from the list are Skype and Wallwisher. Skype because it is something I use and I feel I can fully explain it to the students. I think it would be really great if my class had the opportunity to Skype with one of my classes from Korea. I wouldn't be able to tie it in with math or science, but it could be a fun activity some day when there is some extra time or as a prize for doing well. It would be really neat for them to see how similar and yet how different the students are on the other side of the world.

I loved the Wallwisher site, but maybe that is because I love bulletin boards! I put together a basic parent wall where parents are invited to ask questions, make suggestions, or post whatever they would like. I think this could be a really great resource since many of the parents would have the same questions. The biggest roadblock I see with the resource is the possibility that parents won't have internet access, but I can only wait and see once the school year starts!


  1. Access to a computer and the internet is a roadblock for some but many more have smart phones or itouches so access is getting better.

  2. I too think it would be really fantastic for your classroom to Skype with another classroom in Korea. The only issue would be the time difference! I have read that there are classrooms that actually create and share videos asynchronously with one another! Keep us posted. We would love to hear how your idea develops!