Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool #2 - Creating a Community

It is absolutely amazing all of the information and ideas we have access to through blogs! I have tapped into some of it in the last few years and used quite a bit of it when I taught ESL in South Korea. What I have recently been doing and hope to get better at is organizing where I can get the information so I can go back to it. One way I have been finding and storing the location of blogs is through Pinterest. It is AMAZING! And to think I tried to avoid it for so long!

I have yet to feel comfortable commenting on blogs, but I definitely see the value in it and I love when people comment on my blog. If you spend the time to comment the blogger feels valued and it shows what is most helpful to the readers. Basically I need to get over it and start commenting!

Just a few Blogs that get me excited!(I found all of them through Pinterest) :

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  1. As you go further into the tools, you will find some other ways to organize the information you are using. I need to tackle Pinterest. Every time I look at it I have trouble staying on topic!