Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tool #3 - Finding Online Video and Image Resources

I was shocked the first time I showed a video to my first graders this summer. The kids could barely stay still for a minute when I was talking, but I put that video on and they were silent, still, and focused. Obviously I don't want to show videos all the time, but I think they can be a great resource if they are properly aligned to the content.

I used YouTube all the time in Korea, but I'd never visited SchoolTube before today. I had to watch the video below because I think carnivorous plants are about the coolest thing in the word.

Here is a video I found on YouTube about the recent Mars landing. It is a bit long so I would probably cut bits of it out. I am super excited I get to teach my students about the solar system this year when we have such exciting stuff happening right now!

I didn't learn anything new about copyright and fair use, but I hadn't thought about it being something I would introduce or talk to my students about. Now I realize how important it is to begin talking about it.

I have used Dropbox a great deal, but again it wasn't something I'd thought about using with my students. I think it would be helpful if I upload all of the homework worksheets so they have access if they are absent or lose their copy.

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  1. great idea about using Dropbox for homework sheets!