Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tool #8 - Taking a Look at the Tools

I have been using these tools in my classroom for a semester, but there were a couple of things I learned or would change based on what I saw and read. I often show my students what I would like them to do on the netbooks using my computer, but it looks slightly different and they get a little confused. I knew there had to be a way to attach it to the ActivBoard and now I will do this the next time I want to show them a center or a way to do research. I also learned a bit of trouble shooting. I have been having an issue with one of my devices loosing wireless connection. I now know to hold down the FN and F6 keys. I had already learned how to set up my itunes account from my librarian, but that would have been one of the most useful pieces of information had I not already completed it.

Having technology in the classroom does create an entirely new set of issues. The students all love to use the technology which is great, but it can create issues during centers and research times. I have set time limits for how long they can use the netbooks during science research times because they can spend an hour, even doing the correct thing, but just not writing anything down. The students get so excited they get to use the technology that they often don't complete their work. I use technology as the reward, if the student is able to complete their work the previous time then I will allow them to use it again, if not, they have to prove they can complete their work before I will allow them to use it. I would like to have "technology experts" in the class because it does seem that when ever the technology tools are out I spend almost all of my time trouble shooting, but I am scared the same will happen with those students and they won't get their work done.

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  1. You have mentioned a number of good points. Most especially the making sure that students are progressing towards an end point whether that it writing something down, a final product or just learning something. Some teachers have used self administered rubrics (simple ones) to help students monitor their progress. I know I have spent way more time learning things that are terribly interesting yet not exactly the topic I was suppose to be learning about... ah, the internet.