Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tool #11 - Self Assessing and Reflecting

Through this training program I have learned a great deal about different tools I didn't even know existed before. One of my favorites was Bookr. I will definitely use it with the students on one of their up coming science projects. I can give them a couple of different options on how to present the project - poster, PowerPoint, Bookr, etc. I know the students will love the options and the ability to show the class what they have created!

When I looked back at my blogs one other resource that really popped out with Brainpop. Because I was new to teaching when I started this I had never used it before, but it is now something I use in my class on a weekly basis. It is odd to me that it was something I'd never even heard about a few months ago.

Being brand new to teaching I have implemented many of these tools along the way and I can't really say that my class has gone through a transformation because of the training, but I am excited to continue to try new tools all the time. I look forward to being able to look back at my blog and incorporate new and different tools this semester and next year.


  1. Wonderful job! I look forward to seeing what you use in your classroom.

  2. And... there are probably another 100 or so new tools that we don't really know about or promote in the district! technology keeps evolving and forces us to be life-long learners! ;-) I look forward to learning from you and your students!